Club History

It seems an odd thing for a club that has only existed a short time to draft a “Club History”. However, there are people that need to be thanked and credited for their hard work.

Our history is as follows: Christina Feldvari, our first President, put in a request to CKC to recognize the Rat Terrier several years before this group formed. The request was denied as the Rat Terrier needed to be recognized in the registry of the breed’s country of origin (USA).  Christina persisted and started making connections with other Rat Terrier enthusiasts with Bonnie Jacobs, Chantal Conscience-di Renzo and Rachel Jesse. These four ladies got the ball rolling. Jennifer Sider and Sandy Kanak quickly joined and the “idea” seemed a strong possibility.

Once the Rat Terrier was approved by the American Kennel Club, we had to wait one year to apply for consideration as a miscellaneous breed. When the time approached Christina and Rachel registered their dogs through the AKC and Christina filed a second application.  Success on July 1, 2016 the Rat Terrier was added to the miscellaneous breed list with the Canadian Kennel Club.

We are grateful to Christina, Bonnie, Chantal, Rachel, Jennifer & Sandy for their hard work; however, kudos to Christina who truly was instrumental in getting the Rat Terrier recognized here in Canada