President (Christina F.)

I began my adventure into the world of dogs in 1988 when I got my first unregistered but ‘purebred’ $50 German Shepherd puppy. I had never owned a dog before, and all I knew of my puppy’s lineage was that his father was a stock yard guard dog and his mom belonged to an old couple who had sold us one of her babies. I picked the most out going and confident puppy in the litter. This puppy was one of the most destructive, active, biggest, and dog aggressive dogs I have ever owned (so far), and because of this I was introduced into the world of training out of necessity within the 1st year of his life. Charlie, my 1st dog, taught me so much and introduced me to so many new friends, and I continued into the world of dogs with all my dogs that followed.

Over the years I have trained, competed and/or titled in everything from obedience to the utility level, agility, scent hurdle racing, pet therapy, conformation, fun search, tracking, schutzhund, flyball racing, disc, terrier racing, weight pulling, dock diving, rally obedience, lure coursing, earth dog and much more. I got into serious showing/competing with my first registered dog, Dito my Chihuahua, who I brought home in 1998. With him I was able to compete in CKC to get his Utility Title and multiple other performance events titles. In 2002 I began to play in Flyball with my 2nd German Shepherd Dog, Kaos. I was competing quite a bit in CKC agility as well at this time with my Chihuahua, but no matter how hard he ran, we just could not qualify as he little legs did not go fast enough, even with the perfect 100 scores he got, he still NQ’d due to being overtime. Then in 2004, a friend of mine got a baby Rat Terrier for flyball and that was it, I fell in love with the breed. He was everything I loved, loyal and handsome, small but fast, and I wanted one too! My Chihuahua was would be retiring soon (well in 6 years but…), and I now wanted the sports edition of little dogs…and boy did I get more than I thought possible when I brought home my first baby Rat Terrier, Riot, in late 2005. I think this will be my breed for my lifetime, I can’t imagine my life without one of these big dogs that come in little packages.

Today I am owned by two very handsome Rat Terriers, Riot and Noyz (and yes GSD #3). My two Rat Terrier boys have broadened by travels and have taken me as far as Indiana to compete. I have met more friends than ever from all over Canada & the States because of them, and I am very eager to show off these wonderful dogs in the CKC. I know people will fall in love with them just as I did, and get to experience the joys of this breed if they decide to be owned by one (or more!)